Saturday, March 5, 2011

What Kind Of Weave Does Teyana Taylor Have

Good dog - well, for a change XD

  • Our puppy can incidentally also be most like. Well, at least temporarily. Today is my birthday and Grandpa had invited a few friends to celebrate. Lunch, coffee and supper there should be in a nice restaurant. It is to the Eiscafe Napoleon in Calau. Although it is not particularly large, but decorated in a very cozy and the hostess very nice. It has very well taken care of their guests and had some chat. The Eiscae Nepoleon allowed by prior arrangement, the bringing of pets. Today we had our puppy here because we did not want him to leave home. He even got a bowl Water. The food in Eiscafe Napoleon is delicious. For lunch there were various foods such as rolls, meat croquettes and similar things. These are all very tasty and filling the stomach. I was then more than just pappsatt.
  • Even the cake to the coffee could be seen. We had filled crumb cake and plum cake, pie could be selected as required. I myself have managed only a tasty piece of chocolate cake. For everything else I was too pappsatt. Too bad, but since we were allowed to take the remains, I will certainly eat some of it tomorrow. Determines the cake tastes as good as anything else. Also, the dinner was more than just delicious. The offer submitted of chicken legs, and salads Bishins to fricassee. Was hungry to get up off the table because not in it. This was really tired of everyone. The food in Eiscafe Napoleon is and will remain more than just delicious. Who is on tasty meals and a cozy atmosphere, look here must necessarily over.
  • But in order not to spoil the whole blog post with advertising, I'm going again on the day itself. As mentioned earlier, we could take our puppy, which was more than just good. He stayed the whole time lying on his blanket, drank again from his water bowl, or wanted to be petted. Of course he is running around times, no question, but most Time he was really good and showed me the fact that our education but can not be wrong. We were just in between with him outside of course. Meanwhile, we are back at home and my full stomach. A lot do not happen anymore. I watch a DVD now with my parents and will then probably go to bed soon.


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